Paleo Chicken Tenders

19 Mar


No matter how healthy I eat, some days I just miss the satisfying crunch of fried fast food. I don’t even want to actually eat it, I just miss the idea of nomming on some chicken nuggets and french fries slathered in ketchup. Then I remembered some paleo chicken recipes I had seen floating around the internet and decided to try out the healthier version of this fried-staple myself. If you’re a novice at cooking meat at home like I am (raw chicken just grosses me out so I always avoid it), this recipe might be a little complicated. But it’s definitely worth it when it comes time to eat!


Chicken Breast, cut into small strips
Coconut flour (you can make this by putting unsweetened coconut flakes into a food processor and blending until it becomes a fine powder) you can even just use coconut flakes if you don’t have any coconut flour
Egg whites (I buy a carton of liquid All-Whites)
Coconut milk
Coconut oil or oil of your choice for cooking


Pour some egg whites into a shallow bowl and add a bit of coconut milk and stir. Once you have the chicken cut into strips, drop them into the egg white mixture to soak while you heat some oil in a frying pan over medium heat. Take the chicken from the liquid mixture and roll it in the coconut flour/coconut, then drop in the pan and fry on each side until brown and cooked through. These are sooo good you won’t even miss the old fast food version! If you use coconut flour, the coconut taste won’t even be as pronounced and they will taste more like traditional breaded chicken. Serve them with sweet potato fries or roasted cauliflower for a healthy twist on a drive-thru classic!



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